FOR SELLERS ON THE GO. Easy way to keep track of sales

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Hi there.  I thought you might like to know about an easy system I use for keeping track of sales when I'm on the move to and from work.   I spend so much time at the computer for work and other commitments, I find it quite a relief to know that 'my ebay' is under 'hard copy' control at all times, whether I am at work, or at home.  This way I can relax on the train and don't need to carry a Laptop.  I carry enough stuff with me now without lugging any more.  It's a long train journey for me so I carry, books, food, drink and many other items which I think I might need; from a Wigwom to a Gooses' Bridle.

Once an item is sold, the first thing I do is print off the notification page from ebay which has the buyer's name address and email address. Remember to print only the first page, and you will save time and heaps of trees :-) 

On the top of the page I write the name of the item and the payment total to expect.  Once I have printed off a group of sales, I fold each page into thirds with my written name of the item face up.  Simply put them all in alphabetical order with a firm rubber band around them and put them in your briefcase.  

Any further important emails, such as with address changes, payment details and so on, I also print these and fold them up with the appropriate sale and highlight any special notes on the front.  I also print Paypal notices to make sure the address is the same in both places.   It's great to be able to clean out your email box once the printing is finished.

I am able to access my personal email post office when I am at work.  (most service providers allow you to access your email on their site).    This way I can make extra notes on my original sale notice from ebay and save myself heaps of time; especially when it comes to answering questions and suchlike.

The only thing is - don't loose your rubber band package, especially if you have deleted your emails.  I mislaid mine recently, and I can tell you that I had everyone in a panic trying to find it.  All was well when it turned up and there were smiles all 'round.

Best of luck with your ebay sales and 'Happy Days' to all.



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