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When is a Second-chance offer GENUINE?!? How would you know?!?  We have heard from many ebayers lately that they have received a second chance offer for one of our items, for an absolute bargain price. Though we do send second chance offers occasionally, not ever offer you receive is genuine. You should never pay for a second chance offer, till you have made contact with the seller of the ORIGINAL auction listing, and not the offer.

Simple steps to second-chance offers:

1.First and formost, check your EBAY MESSAGES for the offer. If it is a genuine offer it will be in your inbox as such, and not as "Question from ebay member".If it states in the offer email- "please do not contact me through ebay - but directly via my email address" - Forget about it, but make sure to forward that email to ebay , so they can deal with it and find the source of the fraud.

 2. Other simple way to make sure is to check with the seller of the original listing directly. Just go to the orginal listing you bid on and click CONTACT SELLER or ASK A QUESTION and confirm, if it was actually them offering a second-chance. 3. Use your "COMMON SENSE" . How can a genuine seller send a second chance offer for an item that hasn't ended yet ?- believe me it happened! Or a second chance offer that tells you, you can buy it for less if bought directly from them! ! If we ever send a second chance offer, we do this within a couple of hours of the auction ending-and definetely not before, or a few days later.

4. Ignore it if it is "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE".  No sane seller will send you a second chance offer for a third or half the value the item ended for. Some of our padlock bracelets are quite valuable and final bids at auctions reach  easily $700 and over , so if you receive a second chance offer for your bid, which was only $250 - please don't take it serious.

5. " BEWARE OF URL-Links" in those offers. At times hackers use second-chance offers to get into your system and get account info or use your ebay account for fraud. So avoid clicking or copy/pasting those links into your browser, unless you are sure it is a genuine offer.

Ebay has made an attempt to stop fraudulent offers by making bidders annonymous once a bid reaches $250. But unfortunateley crooks have  found a way around that aswell, as they have lots of free time on their hands and watch many valuable listings from start to end.

Hope this guide has been helpful and you'll know how to pic a genuine  second-chance offer from a fraudulent one.

If you have any questions, I am always happy to help, even if your querie is in regards to some other issues on ebay or concerning some jewellery issues.

Kindest Regards,





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