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Ever see an item selling at auction and promise yourself you'll be up till 2AM till it finishes and bid the highest and win?
Ever want to control yourself from bidding TOO MUCH for an item that you know you'll regret AFTER you buy it?
Can't be around to bid for an item you want and wish you could?
Well, welcome to the idea of sniping! What is sniping?
Sniping is being able to bid on a auction item when you are not there. There are dozens of websites out in cyberspace which enable you to bid on a item, place your maximum bid that you want to pay and then bid on your behalf when you are not there, working or sleeping. sniping can also curb you from overspending until you get an item that YOU want to pay for and not the seller.
How does it work?
Just join any of the sites below, and start searching on Ebay an item you want to snipe. Put the item number, the maximum amount you are willing to pay and that's it! The sniping site will bid on your behalf. You may win or lose depending on whose bidding. it doesn't guarantee you'll win, but it certainly guarantees that you won't spend at the last minute more than you can afford.

I've listed below all the FREE sniping websites for you to join. Good luck and happy bidding!  (free 10 day trial)  (14 day free trial)  (5 free snipes)

PS. just put a www. before every website as Ebay does not allow out  on outside links. Also, PLEASE vote on this and my other guides.  See a full list right here and thank you!

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