FREE Shipping Supplies

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Free Boxes, For those of you  in the USA, The United States Postal Service ( USPS ) and Ebay will give you as many boxes as you can handle, And the shipping is free, YOUR POSTMAN will bring to your door.

. Just pay a visit to Ebays Shipping Center or the Usps websit get Priority Mail, Global Priority mail and Express mail boxes and envelopeses you can get Free Shipping Supplies.

LOT of places are happy to give you  all the Free Supplies you want , JUSY ASK

IN a lot of places they are happy to have you just take  the boxes away.

FREE Peanuts for packing, I go to Beauty Supply Stores

THE large stores  Receive lot of boxes filled with Peanuts every day that they just throw out back and they pay people to take it away, They would love to give you all you want,IT would save them money that they would have to pay people to take it away. THEY would love you to take it.

EVERYONE can use Free Supplies,

You then can charge less for your S/H

WE ship most of our Items for $2.95 S/H

Have fun and lower your shipping costs

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