Fabric Preparation for Hotfix Crystal Transfers

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Fabric preparation is of the utmost importance to get lasting, permanent results for any of your fabric applications.

To get the best results as shown in these photos;  you should always pre-wash new garments to ensure maximum glue absorption.  Use the following simple water test to indicate whether fabric will absorb the hotfix glue.



Hold the garment horizontally and place a drop of water onto the fabric.  If the water soaks into the fabric within 2-3 seconds, it is ready for hotfixing.  If the water sits on the surface of the fabric or takes a long time to soak in, there is insufficient absorbency for a successful result.  Re-wash the garment and retest when dry.

Please note: you'll find that dark, black fabrics are a little resistant at first and they will probably need more washing to remove the fabric sizing on new garments.


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