Face Sun Block Powder- Have you ever tried?

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Fresh & Smooth, Wear alone or After make-up

A new breakthrough UV Block product in powder format, fresher compare with traditional UV block cream or lotion. With the pure chemical UV block formula, O'slee UV block powder does not irritate skin. Simply put on your face, it can provide SPF 20 PA++ protection and block damage from UVA and UVB. More, it can further refine your pore and absorb excess oil, let you enjoy and fresh UV block feeling. Wear alone or after make-up.

Fresh UV block: Pure chemical UV block particles, forming the high density UV block layer, can effectively block UVA and UVB and prevent the formation of melanin.
Oil Controlling: Without make-up, Control excess oil and reduce the formation of acne. Make-up can be long-lasting if apply after cosmetics.
Skin Smoothen: Simply apply a thin layer, it can refine your pores and fine lines. Skin becomes translucent, fresh and smooth.
Application: Put after cream/lotion or make-up. Use puff to get some powder and put evenly on the whole face, including skin around eye area. To have better UV block effect, suggest to put powder once in every 2-3 hours.

TIPS: Remember to put the powder slightly on face, avoid push over it, to make the even effect.

Simple step 1, 2, 3

  1. Turn over the powder container and let the puff stick with little powder
  2. Slightly put the powder on back of the hand to let the powder spread evenly
  3. Lastly, put the powder on the face evenly

Professional Advice:

Oil-Free UV block powder, Fresh but not greasy!

UV block product is divided into Chemical and Physical Nature. Chemical nature UV block product decompose the UV damage on the skin upper layer, which may irritate skin easily and block the pores. Beside, the UVA block effect is not satisfactory. While the physical nature UV block product form a protection layer on the skin, which can reflex both UVA and UVB. Besides, the UV block effect is better, low irritation, and will not block pores.

O'slee newly launched "UV block powder" is 100% physical UV block product, its oil-free formula, fresher than the traditional UV block lotion. Today, you can enjoy the fresh and non-greasy UV block effect.

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