Fake Baby Phat Items...

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It has come to my attention that there is Fake! Baby Phat items coming through on Ebay...
For Buyers as a  Guide ONLY on Buying Baby Phat Items:-

1. Baby Phat is well known for their constant updating of Fashion items, many items go through the system very quickly and generally are not repeated, this keeps the items FRESH! and updated.

2. Authentic Tag - All Authorized Baby Phat items have the authenticity tag with number behind the label tag, if your Baby Phat item does not carry this tag it may be a Fake. Ask the seller to take a photo of the authenticity tag for you if in doult.

3. Baby Phat has on all their items several different card tags,
1 being the Kimora Simmons card (Which I have noticed on the fakes has been copied)
2. the price tag with MSRP near the price at the bottom (Does not say on any of the items 'Recommended Retail Price' then the price, on the flip side is black with silver Baby Phat Logo.
3.Black card with silver logo  (Baby Phat denim) explaining the Baby phat  unique process.
4. All the Baby Phat items will have a small square white card with black writting explaining about embellishments.
5. If they are stretch then they will carry a silver foil tag with stretch written in black.
6. Baby Phat items with gold foil prints will have  awhite round tag with 'Do not iron on print' written on it.

4. Buy from a seller who sells several Baby Phat items, you know and can trust. Baby Phat are not an overly expensive brand but are very collectable because of the nature of their styles constantly changing, and I guess makers of the Fake Baby Phat items prefer to make them cheaper and sell them at the MSRP USD.

Best Of  Luck!
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