Fake Bardot Jeans.

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I have noticed recently on ebay that there are some sellers selling Fake Bardot Jeans. So I felt that I should write this to help other buyers spot these fakes. The fakes only have the Bardot back label & coin pocket labels which have been pulled off real Bardot Jeans & sewn onto other jeans. All Authentic Bardot jeans have Bardot on each of the buttons, the only design they use on their back pockets is the cc overlap, some Bardot jeans have nothing on the back pockets, but you know they are Bardot by the Bardot stamp on each button. Also you can tell by the quality. Last night I was looking at Bardot jeans & saw an ad for Bardot Jeans, they had the back bardot label sewn on, but the design on the back pockets was clearly another company's design. The buttons lacked the Bardot stamp. I reconized this as I have worked in retail my whole life, so I reconized the back pocket detail straight away to belong to another label. I sent a message asking the seller, & I pointed out my concerns. Her reply was quiet nasty. But I am sure the buyers feedback will be too when they realize the jeans are not Bardot. At the time of writting there are two pairs in the size 6 category that are clearly not Authentic Bardot Jeans. I am sure that we will see more of these on ebay, as it is quiet easy to remove the back label & coin pocket label & sew these onto any jeans. I would suggest that you check your jeans against a pair of Bardot jeans you already own before leaving feedback. If you do become a victim of this scam I suggest you contact ebay or pay pal.

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