Fake Beta 87A microphone

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I recently bought a 'Genuine Shure Beta 87A' on ebay.com.au.

Jands & Shure have confirmed that it is a fake, in fact, one of the best they have seen. See the photos below.

Given a few subtle differences showing up on a 'side by side' comparison with a genuine model in a shop, the mic was sent to Jands in Sydney for verification. Jands and Shure have advised that the Beta 87A has never changed in its design or manufacture and so the differences cannot be explained by different batches or revised design.

Importantly the mic satisfies many of the features that buyers are advised to look out for - such as - it only works with phantom power, it has the initials on the capsule, the capsule looks remarkably similar to a genuine one, it has gold pins with Shure written under pin 3, all the documentation including an addendum to the manual in Japanese, velcro cable tie, sticker, bag, etc etc...

Differences that are obvious:
  • the grill mesh on the capsule is different (thinner wire);
  • the colour is different (darker);
  • the label is slightly different (eg text size and font);
  • the wiring in the capsule is incorrect in colour;
  • the weight is less (about 8g);
  • the rim at the base where the cable attaches is a different design;
  • when screwing the capsule on to the body there is not a lot of thread;
  • the sound is not as good as cheaper mics.

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