Fake E845S? Its got me beat

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well I'm in a quandry I got a great deal on 2 Sennheisere-845s mikes -then I started reading all the info about fakes and what to look for. the mikes arrived - they certainly look the part - yes they weighed 330 grams or so - (I only had bathroom scales but the weights seemed to tally up. The pop filter does have an o ring of sorts in the base- a skinny one. I don't have the expertise to tell what ohm-age it is - I wouldn't know what to do to test it - - the switch seems of good quality and there is a grub screw to lock the switch on. The shape of the windscreen'pop filter seems OK . There are no warranty cards etc in the box. Just a brochure which is in English and specifies 3 models the 822s 835/835s and the 845/845/s It has typos and basic spelling errors which in a quality German product is beyond belief to me. Other than that the quality of the packaging seems OK There is NO Mike Holder and the zip bag is a cheapish fabricky thing with screening saying Sennheiser and Evolution. Also of course when you check with Sennheiser distributors the've never heard of the dealer and the e 845s model is not on their listings as available in Oz . There are obviously things which point to a clever counterfeit product - but equally there are some tests which are passed - I dunno what to do . the seller admits they weren't sourced from Aust sources ... but insists they are genuine? The price was terrific . well below regular list prices. Was I living in fairyland to expect a genuine bargain? or do i trust my spider-sense on this one and insist on a refund through pay pal the seller is already pissed off at me cos I gave negative feedback - but Until i did i heard nothing from this guy ...He never called or made himself available except through the e-bay comm system . and I found evidence he uses 2 names (or nom-de- plumes) for E-Bay AND py-pal why so secretive ?? BLAS8784
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