Fake Japanese swords

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After reading Richard Turners guide i decided to heed his advise and stay away from chinese sellers of Japanese swords. So when i saw a US antique collector selling a japanese sword aparanelty sourced form a vets estate, i thought atlast the real thing. After placing my considerable bid i looked at what else theshaggy trucker had to sell and there feed back. I found that the seller of the sword(shaggytrucker) had some good feedback from from a previous purchase from china, well what does this person in china sell "specialised in authentique WW2 antique japanese swords" at $19.95!! Shock horror even in the good 'ol US of A. My advice don't buy swords on ebay until scum like this is wiped out.

Or bid on it and don't pay which is exactly what I'll be doing. Sorry ebay but your losing me!

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