Fake Jewellery scammers out there!

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Hi and welcome to my guide,

as alot of us know from personal experience and word of mouth, there are alot of scammers out on ebay. Thankfully there are honest ones as well!!!! (like me)

Please when you purchase a ring or some new trendy earrings and they are being sold as "real" Solid gold, please read the sellers feedback. Ask questions and most of all use paypal. Ebay has done the right thing now with all seller's having to accept paypal, but dont let a seller bully you into not using it, it is there for the buyer, it's your chioce to use it so make sure you do!

i have had some trouble lately with jewellery that i have purchased, over from china and hongkong and was burned badly from this. Check the feedback and ask questions about the "gold" they are selling. if they aviod the question or don't reply, leave it, it is to good to be true and you will end up unhappy and most of the sellers don't care about their feedback as in most likely hood they will be shut down soon.

Using paypal as a seller is a good idea in theory, you  can accept payment in most cases instantly, and have the knowledge of some protection as well. It is great for the buyer as well they know that their backside is covered if the seller decides to rip the buyer off.

i know that paypal charges 4% on each transaction, but it is really a fraction of the price as a seller if a buyer acts up and starts to demand on you. They are there for the seller as well as the buyer.

come on australia sellers, lets get these scammers and have happy customers that are return customers, if our prices are reasonable then the wider community will know we are the real deal. offer a return policy that is fair for everyone and stick to it. us sellers of jewellery will get a fair and better price once the scammers are shut down. so do your bit and help, it will cost very little, just to let your customers know that you back your listings and offer advise to help.

and to end this, for any buyer that has ever left negative feedback and not tried to contact the seller first, this is not fair. I have had a buyer that left neg feedback and didn't even ask for a refund when i had a refund policy in place. no contact made, and neg feedback left? How is that fair, any of my buyers can get a refund if i have stuffed up, it's only fair and i even return postage as well.

hope every one that has read this gets an idea of were i am coming from and chooses to shop with honest and reputable sellers.

thanks for looking and if this guide has been at all helpfull please vote.


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