Fake Licenced Products and Clothing

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When buying on ebay be aware to look for fake licenced products and clothing. Many buyers are getting caught out by reversed photographic images in listings ie NIKE Swoosh!!!

Not only that but even in toys, cameras i have seen listed with the name Panasonic only to find that the only Panasonic component to the product is the batteries :S Just watch out for that one.

Im just trying to make you all aware to read the fine print. Especially in small electronics like cameras and DVDCams etc. If an offer sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Check the model numbers that sellers state and pull up the manufacturers website and look for it. If its not in the manufacturers site. ie SONY then dont touch it. Its possibly a cheap imatation from Hong Kong. And Im sure if you look closely at the auction you might even see that the item you are bidding on is being shipped directly from there with a massive shipping cost.

Do be careful. Read everything TWICE! and check all the stated facts. Ive seen sellers with a feedback score of nearly 50 and all their winning bidders who leave great feedback have a name like xlkbbnsdf and a feedback score of ZERO. ALWAYS check the feedback and that will tell you if the item seller is potentially a scammer. And there are plenty of them online on eBay Australia unfortunately.

Happy ebaying



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