Fake Mac & Nars Guide for Newbies

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It makes me sad to see so many fakes being sold and bidded on.  I want to share what I know about fake Mac products being sold on Ebay.

 1) Always check with your local MAC counter, if in doubt. Don't be embarassed. You can always say it was a gift.

2) Search for the product you are looking for on the MAC website. You can confirm that it is listed from the correct MAC collection.

3) Beware of the many fake Viva Glam lipsticks now online (its now Nov 2010). The Viva Glam collection has 1 to 6 (in roman numerals) , Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga. NO OTHERS! If you see a seller selling - Lady Gaga Pink Plaid, or Viva Glam Sweetie or Shy Girl - they are FAKES!

4) Make sure the MAC palette eg. eyeshadows, has been made by MAC before. I have seen many that MAC has definitely never made.

5) If the seller sells one fake item, how can you be sure the rest are genuine? There can be genuine sellers who are very nice and quick to refund when they find out they are selling fakes and will stop selling them. Some seller don't know that they have been duped. SO let them know if you see them selling it, so they can get a refund for themselves, as well as give you one :)

6) MAC brushes in big sets - very risky for fakes! Google Fake Mac

7) Don't be afraid to ask other buyers for advice on whether they think what they bought was real Mac. I have met many nice Ebayers who were more than happy to help.

8) You don't know what ingredients are in those fakes. Be very careful!

9) Paypal only protects buyers on Ebay against fakes. Not on another site that I have been on. I was duped on a fake Nars palette :( The seller lied about it being liquidation stock and called me a fraud when Nars Cosmestics confirmed it was a fake. Couldn't get my money back.

10. MAC products have real names. Not just a number or eg. pink

11. Only buy from sellers with their own photos of the product. Some use stock photos copied off the Mac website = you never really know what you are getting!

12. Always read seller's feedback. Sellers with 100% or near and have thousands of feedback tend to be slightly safer, as they would have more experience in spotting fakes.

13. Use your credit card and Paypal to pay as much as possible. In a dispute, they can help to recover your money.  Approach Paypal 1st, then your card company if Paypal are unable to help.

Please report all fakes that you see.  Help each other to keep our Ebay safe! :D

<3 <3 PS Please vote if you have found this guide helpful! Thanks! :)  <3 <3

Fake  Fake 

Who came up with these colors?!





Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake

Stock Mac picture - not reliable if its the only pic shown by seller

 Lady Gaga lipstick is not the same as pink plaid.

Fake!Lady Gaga is not the same as hot tahiti.

Fake Fake Mac brush set 

Fake palette of 8 e/s & 2 blushes - confirmed by Nars USA 

Nars ANgelika is a blush not palette 

Fake Mac brush set 

Fake Mac brush set

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