Fake Metal Detectors - Fisher Gold Bug & other Brands & Models

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Counterfeit Metal Detectors

These days when I look on eBay  I notice that there are a lots of counterfeit  Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detectors  for sale from China  as well as many other counterfeit brands and Models like Minelab and Garrett etc

I bought a genuine Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector  a few years ago which are great units  from an Authorized  Dealer in the USA and had it shipped to me in Australia.

Its virtually  impossible to visually spot a fake unit  online because the pictures online of a fake unit will usually have pictures of a genuine real unit from the manufacturers  web site.

 I know  that there a lots of fake Chinese Fisher Lab units being sold . These fake units have some functions that don't work like the Ground Balance feature etc.
I have also read  reports of people in Australia who bought  Fake Fisher Lab units without realizing it , then trying to return their unit to Fisher Labs in the USA for repairs under warranty because some features did not work correctly like the Ground balance Function then find out that they bought a fake unit which is worth nothing.

All Fisher Metal Detectors are made in Texas USA, and  whilst they have a few authorized dealers in China. no  Genuine units are made in China or any where else in the world apart from Texas USA .
I also believe all Garrett metal Detectors are also made in the USA 

The  units   that are fake  and  made in China will sometimes say that they are made in China on the eBay listing  and  say something  like  made at OEM factory in China.

Ask yourself  how is it possible for a real unit to be shipped to China (Shipping cost) and then offered for sale at a price  cheaper than for sale in the USA where they are made . the answer is simple = FAKE unit

Fisher labs website under the "dealer section" warns of Chinese fakes , saying if its not from an authorized Fisher Labs dealer its highly possible  to be a Chinese fake and also they name many sellers on eBay & Amazon selling fake units.

These counterfeit detectors have the appearance of  an authentic product, but not the quality or performance.

Also be aware that many people and shops around the world are buying these Fake Chinese metal detectors   in Bulk and selling them for huge profits from their own country.    So even buying a metal detector from any county in the world could also be open to fake units .

The safest option would be to buy a Genuine Unit from a Authorized Seller.

Yes its going to cost more than a fake unit , but at least its going to work 100%.

If your happy to buy a fake unit to save money , ask yourself whats the point of saving a few $100  for a Fake unit that have some features that don't even work and less performance .  Most if not all Fake Metal Detectors  have poor performance when compared to the  Genuine   unit .

Fake units cost will cost you more in the long run because you will be finding less Coins , Gold   & Artifacts with them compared to  Genuine Units which have better Depth ,  Discrimination & Ground Balance  performance.

If you buy a fake unit , you will probably be disappointed and throw the unit away and say the Hobby of metal detecting was not for you .

That's great news to people with genuine metal detectors because they will scan over the same patch of dirt (  scanned by people with a fake units who  found little or nothing)  and find  something of value that the fake units could not detect .

There are also many more different brands  and models  of metal detectors being counterfeited  like  MineLab , Garrett, Teknetics  &  Whites  etc .  

Good advice is to visit the Manufacturers  web site of the Metal Detector you are buying , which will usually have detailed info on fake units.   Minelab for example have extensive info on their web site on how to spot a fake unit .

When  buying a used    ( Or even a New  )    Metal Detector, I would  ask for the serial number to check with the maker to see if it is valid. 
Heck , if  I  was was selling a used  (Or New) metal Detector I would be more than happy to supply the serial number if someone asked,  to facilitate a sale.
 If the seller gets bent out of shape and refuses to give it to you..    well that's a big red flag.

These  tips  would apply not only to Fisher Lab metal Detectors ( for which this article is mainly written for)     but to all brands of Metal Detectors .

SO BUYER BEWARE and do your research before handing over your cash.
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