Fake Mont Blanc pen case / holder - what to look for

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There are a lot of fake Mont Blanc pen cases - genuine soft black leather etc - being sold for around £15 in the UK.

The sellers' names seem to include the words 'star' or names including two 'd's - eg 'delicious dave'.

I bought one of these after seeing this photo:

This is a photo of a real pen holder (slightly dented) that is being re-used in their listings.

What I received was a fake - see pictures below. I have a genuine one and believe me there's NO comparison!! You certainly can't fold a genuine one like this!

Ebay suspended both the seller's account and the item I'd purchased - after I'd already paid using PayPal. The seller did send me an item at least, but has refused to communicate further. Paypal offers you no protection. If I'd paid by cheque, I could at least have cancelled it!

These retail for around £50 - if it seems too good to be true, guess what.... it probably is.

Differences: Case not leather, not rigid, insert flap is tapered rather than square and is not as long as real one, stud is fake (mostly silver not mostly black).

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