Fake Racquets

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Fake Racquets

 Most fakes on Ebay   Australia  are the Nadal/Federer/Roddick models- both current and previous models. Many other models are made by the fakers but the majority are the top players frames.

A lot of fake sellers do not even have a picture of the actual racquet they are selling so you cannot even try to pick a fake (with the fakers only aim being to look like a real one it is very difficult to pick a fake with most pictures anyway).

Covers: a lot of fakes come with covers – players racquets often don’t come with covers.Warranty slips: they fake everything from the racquet to the warranty slip.

Currently (2 Oct 2011))on Ebay Australia some of the fakes In my opinion I see or have been on ebay in the last month and you should be very careful about are: BLX six-one tour 90, K six-one Tour 90,  AeroPro Drive GT, Pure Drive GT, Pure Drive GT Roddick,  Youtek Speed Pro, YouTek Radical Pro, BLX Pro Open, Youtek Extreme Pro, .

**Especially when just released New or Current models are not heavily discounted by the manufacturers.

Any of the following under $210 should be very closely inspected and in reality any of these racquets at any price on ebay is a huge risk.
 Babolat AeroPro Drive GT(currently selling at shops for $259+) as well as the Aeropro Drive.
 Wilson  BLX Six One Tour 90($260+ in the shops)as well As the Ksix-one Tour 90.
All Babolat Pure Drive GT models ($249+ in the shops) and all the previous Pure Drive models(PD,PD+,PD Roddick ect).
Feedback: Although not a foolproof way of outing fake sellers, the Feedback system does have some indicators which you could use. If a seller has hundreds of racquet sales over years then that would be preferable to a seller with a zero or low feedback score selling current model or any  racquets at unbelievable prices. A high feedback score of non-racquet items is of no use as well.
Where do the fakes come from?
·       I have noticed that some fake sellers usually have sales in their feedback of items like car parts, mattresses and other large items that are imported by the Container load so adding a  few  boxes of extra items is done easily. Years ago I bought a Head Liquidmetal 4 from  a seller who was also selling mattresses on Ebay. That frame only comes in one size and the one I received had more main strings than it should have - the first few generations of fakes were easily picked in hand (quality is still low in some fakes mainly around the grip and butt cap) but they used images of a real racquet to fool the buyer. I got the money back and returned the item.
·       Lots of people get fakes on holidays in  Asia and sell them on return.
·       People from overseas (Students for instance) or people here with contacts In Asia get fake items sent to them or bring them back every time they go over and return. Fake Racquets, cricket bats ect– the list is huge and the future of name brand products scary.Getting a continual supply must be difficult from what I have seen on Ebay- sellers come and go (usually all with low feedback IDs) and obviously companies whose items are being faked are out there doing what they can to protect their reputations, authorised sellers and of course profits.


The fakers don't like posting images.

The fakers rarely have high feedback - some do and try to sell for top dollar presuming you have no clue.

The fakers also get lots of unwanted gifts of $250 racquets that they want to dispose of  for less than half price.

With parallel importing now legal in Australia  it is very difficult to protect your brand.

Always use paypal so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with what you get but the hoops they want you to jump through make most people just eat the loss(really fair). Getting a refund from the seller or paypal is great when you catch the liars but then you are expected to pay to return the item -  costing you the innocent to return the fake piece of crap - the pleasure of being scammed. Never pay by bank deposit.

Contact Ebay and ask they why they won't act on obvious Fakers - we all know why >>> $$$.

***Please note all the above guide is the personal opinion of The_Racquet_Liquidator.

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