Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Counterfeit luxury goods, mostly made in China , is huge business nowdays and of course a favourite place to unload this junk is Ebay.

It is simply beyond Ebay's resources to vet every item up for bidding so as always it's a case of  BUYER BEWARE.

 Ray Bans , the world's most stylish sunglasses, are a popular item sold by the frauds These are made in China or Mexico for about $2.

It is easy to spot the fake and get the genuine article. Many excellent guides exist in this forum  Also, 'YouTube'  shows you what to look for, so I don't want to repeat that. I'll deal more with the process the faker  uses to sell you the item so you can avoid wearing crap plastic on your face.

It's been my experience the sunnies will start at a  really low price to grab your attention .They'll sell for around the $30 - $50 mark so you think, compared with retail at around $170 +, you got a bargain. Just hope someone with genuine  Ray Bans isn't close by, because your new fake will stand out like the proverbial.

Have you noticed the sellers of probable fakes will  refund real fast if you challenge them. They want to avoid negative feedback but look into their history and you'll find just that,... usually accompanied by an angry response like,... "Why didn't you contact me if not happy!"

The other thing they do, or to be more precise, what they don't do,  is respond to questions. They won't claim they are listing  genuine  Ray Bans when questioned.. Your query will probably go unanswered, or some lame response stating the glasses offered, "are not like the ones in Sunglasses Hut".  They know that under Australian State Criminal Codes it is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO KNOWINGLY HANDLE COUNTERFEIT GOODS.

They will take your money and you get junk.

  A conviction is only likely when Police decide to prosecute on the quanity of items handled.  So big traders better watch out. I know Police are cracking down on traders in fake ephemera, like old Post Cards reproduced on a computer. They are doing this because the same frauds are also producing fake documents. Counterfeiting is stealing profit from the big stores  The Government is compelled to act.

If you want the style and quality of genuine RayBans go for reputable Ebay sellers  with a reputation to maintain. They are still cheaper than the shops. I bought mine on Ebay as an unwanted gift......after I read up on how to spot a fake. Genuine Ray Bans are magnificent eye wear, comfortable stylish and durable. Compared to the fakes......welll there is no comparison.

. I have a pair of Wayfarer style RayBan sunglasses, with the slim arms, acquired in 1989..These are quite rare now but I wear them often because they are so good.

A fake made from crap plastic won't last very long .... so why not put the money into a genuine pair. Decide if you are happy being dudded or are you the kind of person who will accept only the best.






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