Fake Tiffany Toggle Jewellery - Spotting The Difference

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A guide to Spotting the Difference between the fake and authentic free hanging heart tags


There are lots of Fake Tiffany & Co Heart Tags on ebay at the moment. Especially sets - most of them are FAKE!!!

 About 90%  of ebay Tiffany & Co, aren't the real deal, I have been burnt before so i have taken it upon myself  to do my homework.


OK, first rule with purchasing Tiffany & Co on ebay - ALWAYS pay by paypal, if you pay by bank deposit then you will NOT get your money back!! Some sellers that sell fake Tiffany don't offer paypal. there is a reason for this...they don't want to refund if item is fake!!!

At least if you pay by paypal you will be covered if it is fake.

If the seller says they don't offer refunds  - they have to give you a refund if the item is not as described ie fake. Some will still refuse so it is very important to file a dispute. Be sure to leave feedback to warn others if the seller sells fake items. If you have already left positive feedback, you can still go in and leave follow up feedback. Go to top right corner and next to 'contact us', there is a 'site map' link. Go in to that section then under the feedback section there is an option 'follow up to feedback left'. Make sure you do this as otherwise other people will continue to be caught out.

A new trick the fake sellers are using is stating in their listing that the item doesn't come with a certificate of authenticity. This is a definite red flag. Brand new authentic Tiffany & Co is expensive...Honestly - who in their right mind would spend a large amount of money on a genuine Tiffany & Co item and not keep the receipt if it was indeed authentic. Tiffany & Co print 2 receipts - an original purchase receipt and a gift receipt (which can be given to the lucky recipient in case they want to change the item)



Please have a look at the sellers history - if they sell lots of BRAND NEW Tiffany & Co esp the sets then they are most probably fake!


here are some tips on distinguishing between the genuine and fake ones


the fake tiffany & co items are on the left;


Please be aware that this is only a guide - there are many different types of fakes - this is just a very broad outline.




Please, Please, Please be extremely wary if it is a NEW set, almost all of the sets i have ever seen on ebay have been fake!!!!


Pouch - the fake ones are a stiff velvet and are much smaller. The authentic ones are more of a chamois feel, great for polishing. The authentic bags are usually 11.5 cm high but there are also small ones available.

 Please note though - The USA did make an authentic smaller pouch back in the 1990's - early 2000 but it was still the chamois material not the stiff velvet.



Care card - This is a dead giveaway...The fake ones are on a thinner, glossy paper and have 'care of sterling silver' under the Tiffany & Co, Authentic ones are on a stiffer cardboard with a 'thatched' type appearance and only have Tiffany & Co on the front.





Care card - On the fakes, the writing is left and right justified. Authentic is centred



The box - This is a tricky one... If the item is new and the box is white inside then it is fake. The authentic ones are a uniform colour. Also, some of the fake boxes are shiney whereas the authentic boxes and gift bags have a type of textured appearance, almost like little bumps over it. There are some exceptions to the rule though, i have seen some fake boxes with the textured feel and i have also seen some authentic boxes that are white inside them especially from the USA, so make sure you ask lots of questions.


Make sure there is a 925 imprint on the back of the lobster clasp.

Authentic UK items sometimes have a tiny UK hallmark on the item somewhere, it says T & Co 925 and then a tiny hallmark which isnt visible to the naked eye.


The Toggles SHOULD NOT have a 925 imprinted on the back.





Shape of the heart - Authentic Tiffany are all made in the same factory in the US and are then distributed worldwide - they are all the same shape but can have slightly different hallmarks.
In the picture below, the item on the right is authentic.




The item on the right is authentic below.


The fake tiffany tends to be a real light coloured silver - almost like a white gold, way too shiny. It is a rhodium finish. The fakes are also plated (most jewellers can tell you if an item is plated so get it checked when you first purchase)


In regards to the WIDE 1837 cuffs, the best way to tell if the item is authentic is the weight. There are heaps of fakes on Australian ebay so be careful... The authentic ones are generally between 70 - 80 grams and the fake ones are either really light 50-60gms or really heavy 85-105 gms. Ask the seller to get it weighed for you, considering the authentic ones are worth $800+ i'm sure they will do this for you if selling a genuine item, if not then be wary!!! Once again, drop it into your local jewellers and ask them to see if the item is plated as soon as you receive it.  I have spoken to Tiffany & Co and they have told me that they don't plate their silver jewellery, it is 92.5% sterling silver (hence the 925 imprint) which is what gives it the high quality. The plated fake items peel and chip. Please be aware that even the fakes have 925 on them - that is why they are called copies. The fakes could very well be coated in sterling silver but it is the sterling all the way through that makes it a high quality, authentic item.

The 1837 concave full bangle should be  32-34 grams.



Be wary if seller claims item was a gift and that they aren't sure if it is authentic or not?? What a great way to admonish all responsibility!!!

Dodgy Seller: 'Not sure if it is authentic, i received it as a gift from my ex-boyfriend' 

Translation: Your cheap ex bought you a fake Tiffany online and now you want to get rid of it!!

Don't fall for this one (of all the fakes on ebay, when i email sellers to suss them out  - this line is used about 80% of the time)



Links - Fake links can either be oval  or round and appear to be clamped together. The authentic ones are round and soldered so you can't see the join (high quality) ! Fakes reek of cost cutting...they are lighter, the tags are thinner, dodgy writing etc
Fake on the left below



Toggle Heart Tags - Fake Toggles mostly have the link parallel to the lifesaver.(there are some fakes that have cottoned on to this though!!!!) Authentic ones are always perpendicular (where the 'N' is)
Fake on the left below




Please, Please, Please do not bid on any items that only have a Tiffany website photo, this is asking for trouble. Make sure you see a detailed photo of what you will be purchasing. Also, don't be afraid of asking for close-ups. Sellers should be more than happy to send thru as many photos as necessary for you to get a clear idea of what you will be purchasing. Dodgy far-away shots should have alarm bells ringing. With modern technology these days, it is really quite easy to take a decent photo. Blurry photos are a good way of hiding imperfections......


Be very careful if you are thinking of buying from a seller with zero or less than 10 feedback (chances are they have opened their account for a quick sale of fake Tiffany)

Check if the listing has 'Authentic' or 'Genuine' anywhere in it. Dodgy sellers think they can get away with this as a technicality. They think that by omitting these key words from their listing then they aren't doing anything wrong and therefore are exempt from giving refunds. For starters it is against ebay policy and fraudulant to list anything that is a copy, they should find out BEFORE listing their items. I actually caught someone the other day using a photo of my authentic Tiffany necklace on their listing to sell their dodgy fake one. I knew straight away that it was my photo and the packaging was all fake (care cards, pouches etc) They didn't even have a photo of their necklace. WOW - talk about cheeky!!!


I would say 98% of people that sell fake Tiffany & Co on ebay are aware that there items are fake. They either don't want it because it is fake or they have ordered a bulk shipment.


Ask the seller if they are happy to offer money back if item turns out to be a fake - if they are a genuine seller, then this should not be a problem.

Even if you have purchased an item and havent paid for it - ask the seller if it is genuine Tiffany & Co - if they arent sure - Don't pay for it, ask them to cancel the transaction. If they really want the sale and the money for it, i'm sure they can get it verified.

If possible, take item into a Tiffany store or a reputable jeweller to make sure it is authentic. Tiffany & Co will only verify authenticity if it is booked in to be cleaned. If it is fake, they won't clean it. Even if your item is brand new, you will be far better off to pay the $20 cleaning fee and rest easy knowing you have an authentic piece of jewellery  (if its fake - they wont charge you - but they won't clean it either and you may be a little red faced... )If you can't bear the embarrassement of going into the store then give Tiffany & Co a call - i have found them to be very accomodating. If your Tiffany item turns out to be fake then email the seller and tell them you will be sending the item back to them. They should give you a refund because if they are selling FAKE Tiffany & Co then their add is misleading.  At this point, in my opinion, you would be better to file a dispute just so there is some evidence of you sending it back and also to keep a record of the conversation between you and the seller.  Make sure you send it back via registered post - this way there is evidence that you have sent it back.


If you are in the market for some Tiffany - do a little research first. The fake Tiffany can be purchased at the Sydney markets for $15, yet people are paying upwards of $150 for them. The greedy, unscrupulous sellers are rubbing their hands together in delight!!!!

If you can't afford the $650 price tag that comes with some of the Tiffany Toggle necklaces, then consider a pre-loved item. I own lots of pre-loved Tiffany and no-one would know the difference. Tiffany do a polish for around $20 and a buff for around $45. I have only ever had a polish done on my items and they look a million dollars but i am told by Tiffany & Co staff that the buff will get rid of tiny scratches so that the item could pass as 'New'.  Reputable jewellers can also do a great job (and are also a little cheaper)This is a great saving if you can't afford the store bought items.

If you have any other questions, drop me a line, i am more than happy to help. There are some great bargains to be had, you just need to be informed.


If you found this guide helpful then please vote. The more votes, the higher up the list i go and the more people i may be able to help!!!

Good Luck :)


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