Fake Video Games, CDs, DVDs etc. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

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First of all there are many different things to look out for.  The first thing you should look out for is the sellers feedback.  If you notice that they have had a fair number of negative feedbacks, you should be a smart buyer and read why they got negative feedback.  Be sure to see the feedback they have left for the person that gave them negative feedback.  Don't be shy to ask that person why they left negative feedback on the seller whom you are currently investigating.  9 times out of 10, the person when asked a question is grateful to answer, assumming they are still an active eBay member.  If the negative feedback is about selling copies, as the case often with older XBOX and PlayStation games, CDs and DVDs.  If you see one negative feedback that says they sold a fake item to them, DON'T BOTHER DEALING WITH THIS PERSON.  Also aviod low feedback rated buyers unless if they have an id verification.

The 2nd thing you need to look into is the description of the product.  If you see a product that has a title of the item you want, but not any background information.  Don't bother, because the description of the product is the written agreement between you and the seller.  If you pay, and all the description says is nothing, don't be surprised if you get nothing.  Also on longer descriptions, be sure to read the whole thing, because it is not hard to have a 200 Paragraph description and in Paragraph 167 it says "you get nothing" or something like that, you will have to abide by the agreement and refunds will be unlikely.  Read the whole thing.  If you have any questions about anything in the description ask the seller.  It is up to them to answer your question, DO NOT PLACE A BID WHILE WAITING FOR THEIR RESPONSE, because you already signed the contract, and then theres nothing  you can do about it, even if the sellers response is different than what you wanted.  Also if they don't accept PayPal, theres nothing you can do to get a refund, because if you pay via check/cash etc. there is no way possible to get your money back.  At least by using PayPal you can file a complaint and they might give you a refund back.

The last thing you should look for is if the game has a case or not.  Now there will be an ocassional time when they just broke the box, but most of the time they copied the CD/DVD/Video game, and they are selling it for a profit.  Also Check the price being asked by the seller, if it is abnormally low, be careful, because other eBayer with more "Street Knowledge" know that this is usually a scam.  Ask yourself, "Why is this Product so low priced?", "Why wouldn't anyone want to buy this at this price, its almost a steal," questions like these can determine whether or not this is a fake, because everyone wants to take care of great deals, and if no one is, something is obviously wrong with this item.


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