Fake Wiimotes & Nunchuks on eBay! Beware!

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FAKE Nintendo Wiimotes, Nunchuks, Classic Controllers and Wii Motion Plus attachments on eBay


"If it's too good to be true, it probably is" - A saying that very much applies to Nintendo hardware.

DO NOT buy Nintendo Wii Remotes, Nunchuks, classic controllers or Wii MotionPlus attachments from Chinese or Hong Kong sellers because they're all fake.
They are NOT the real things! I have been stung myself so I thought I'd warn others.

"If it comes in Japanese packaging, then it is most definitely fake"

Because more and more Nintendo products are being made in China, factories are illegally being made available to pirates during after hour operation periods to mass produce Nintendo products with cheaper materials and lower quality assurance. In the case of the Wii, this results in strikingly similar NON GENUINE Wii Remotes, Nunchuks and more being made and distributed. The easiest place to sell these fakes is online, so it's no surprise that eBay is flooded with them.

These fakes have used Japanese packaging and are advertised as being imported from Japan, but that is infact a big fat lie. They are NOT genuine Japanese imports and sellers that tell you they are, are either

1) A liar
2) A victim themself who has unknowingly imported fakes from a lying distributor.

That is why I say that if it comes in Japanese packaging, it is most definitely a fake. Because of this I don't advise buying any 'Japanese versions' unless you're in Japan yourself and buy them from a store. Oh and just because you receive a Club Nintendo card in the box, it doesn't mean it's genuine. If you try and redeem the code, you'll most likely see that it doesn't even work.

"Australian sellers are importing the fakes and selling them from within Australia. Don't think that buying from Aussie sellers is any safer because it is not."

They're probably the most convincing fakes I have EVER come across which is why so many people are being fooled.

Some of the main things that tell that they're fake are (note that these features can differ. They are just what I experienced with the fakes I got stung by):
  • The build quality of these things are what gave it away. Nintendo always make quality products but these things are made of cheap plastic and they're just not refined, especially the edges which are all jagged.
  • The plastic is also meant to have a matte feel to it but no, these fakes have a smooth cheap feel to them.
  • The inner corners of the of the D Pad may be curved instead of sharp. This is the very first thing that made me concerned. From the moment  I opened the box and saw how the D Pad looked different, I immediately went googling and realised I had been ripped off.
  • You cannot adjust speaker volume in the Wiimote settings. Volume from the speakers also sounds distorted and very loud. You may hear a constant static like sound coming from the speaker when they're just 'idling' and nothing is meant to come out of them.
  • IR sensitivy is stuffed up. It's always seems to be stuck on the highest sensitivity so it goes all over the place if you move closer to your TV.
  • The wriststrap is missing the Wii logo (maybe).
  • The Nunchuk joystick is stiffer and is made of cheap, stiff rubber.
  • Fake ones always have cheap, Chinese branded batteries included. All the Nintendo products I've bought that came with batteries always came with MADE IN JAPAN Panasonic batteries!
  • Most products from China/Hong Kong will have little round quality assurance stickers on them with a tick on a month 1-12. If you find this on your Nintendo product, then you have a fake as official products never have these on them.
  • Fake classic controllers have white a and b buttons whereas on official ones, only the y and x buttons are white while the a and b are transparent.
  • Fake Wii Motion Plus accessories are often non responsive or erratic in behaviour making it hard, if not impossible, to play games that require them.
Another thing to note is that fake nunchucks (as well as any 3rd party ones) apparently won't work with the Wii Motion Plus accessory.

Inner edges are curved. Fake wrist strap on bottom missing Wii logo.

I had no idea fakes existed when I bought them and thought I was saving a few bucks but I ended up losing more money in the process.

If you want more info or pics, I recommend you google fake wiimotes and nunchuks and you will come across a whole list of reports and forums about this issue, as well as pictures that compare the fake ones to the real genuine ones. You will be surprised how convincing they look yet at the same time notice how obvious it is that they're fake!

It makes me angry that these crooks are raking in all this money, laughing their way to the bank and people are completely oblivious to it!

Hope this guide helps you before you find yourself with some. If not then hopefully this will help you realise before you leave them positive feedback.
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