Fake earphone seller alert! (mostly from China)

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DO NOT BUY FROM CHINA OR HONG KONG (e.g. Seller "Ryuuhan")!

There are many unscrupulous sellers out there who are little more than thieves selling fake Chinese goods. Yes, I've been burnt, but I'd like to save you the same nasty experience.

I strongly recommend you do not buy earphones from Chinese/Hong Kong sellers like " ryuuhan", especially if they happen to be Sennheisers.

Before even winning the auction for both a pair of CX400 and CX500 models, I emailed this particular seller asking whether they were counterfeit, as I was concerned about the number of sellers out there selling counterfeit goods. He responded that I need not worry, I would be very happy with the purchase ("wink wink").

When the earphones arrived, I promptly compared them to the real items in a store... Seriously folks, if you don't do this, you will think they are genuine, as they are reasonably good copies, but copies nevertheless.

Here are the differences:
  1. Plastic packaging is "rough" around the edges and not cut accurately/straight
  2. Seals of packaging are glued, not "transparent" and factory sealed, like the real items
  3. Shiny metal rings around each 'phone have a centre groove that is in the wrong place
  4. Top "triangular" holes are not cut accurately, with both back and front halves poorly matched
  5. No item ID numbers on the bottom of box
  6. No >PET< stamp on the CX400's
  7. A very poor >PET< stamp on the CX500 box (seriously... it looked like someone had hand-etched the stamp)
  8. Model numbers are not directly below the >PET< stamp, which is where they should be
  9. The colours of the pictures on the front of the box are NOT the same as the originals and the resolution of the pics is inferior. You can only know this if you check them out side, by side, as I did.
  10. The most important bit - the sound. Trust me when I say you may think they're ok, but if you're expecting them to sound anything like real CX400/500 then don't buy them! These sound like crap in comparison.
So, on with the saga... Upon finding out I'd been duped, I asked for my money back, especially in light of the fact I'd emailed this seller BEFORE buying his phoney merchandise. After many repeated requests, ryuuhan finally agreed to refund my money, including shipping if I returned them, which I did. I sent both earphones back in one of his original packages, also scanning the shipping receipt, attaching it to another email as proof I had sent them.

This is where I started to worry... ryuuhan continued to promise a full refund - ONLY if I left him positive feedback. I told him he couldn't be serious, and that he should be ashamed of himself for selling fake goods.

Guess what? This thief then accused me of NOT sending the goods, keeping a pair for myself and only gave me a partial refund. I reminded him of the postal receipt I'd sent him, verifying TWO pairs of earphones had been shipped.

Did I report this to ebay? Several times. I implored ebay to do something to protect other buyers, but their "response" amounted to "we'll check it out" and then "can't do anything as we are not law enforcement - we only bring buyers and sellers together"... A line I heard several times.

Anyway, I feel like I've done my duty. If you happen to read this and are thinking of being tempted into buying from this fraud, DON'T. I can't vouch for his other goods, but if he is crooked enough to sleep peacefully knowing he's ripped off several hundred innocent buyers already, then I wouldn't trust ANYTHING he sells.

What absolutely KILLS me are the number of people who leave this crook positive feedback! YOU HAVE ALL BEEN DUPED, PEOPLE!!!

And if you're reading this ryuuhan, yes, I'm still trying to lodge your activity with the Shanghai police...


FOOTNOTE: It seems that this seller is no longer operating as "ryuuhan". However, as some tend to do, they simply reinvent themselves as sellers with different names... The only advice I can give you is to check out their preferred email address. Ryuuhan used "xiaoshuye63" <xiaoshuye63@163.com, so check that your seller isn't using this address. Unfortunately, it's obviously pretty easy to change this too... Best of luck.

Another Update: This information was passed on to the Chinese police, although I'm not holding my breath for anything to eventuate. I MUST point out, however, that a number of Sennheiser sellers are listed on this very page... I (personally) would NOT trust any of their wares. As an example, I recently emailed Seller "iren.iren" asking him/her to GUARANTEE that the earphones on offer were not fake, and (surprise, surprise) never heard back from them.
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