False VERO Rights Suspension...What Just Happened?

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VERO Rights can be a sticky situation on Ebay.  VERO rights was designed with good intentions to allow sellers to claim ownership of products so other sellers could not "illegally" obtain them and sell them.  This can be an amazing program for many people in all selling categories, but especially for handmade goods, self-published books, downloads and so on.   By being the VERO owner, you are preventing others from duplicating your item to make profit.  In ways, it's like a patent or a copyright.

The problem is that everyday, hundreds of sellers are slapped with unjust bans due to competitors claiming VERO rights on products that they do not have VERO rights to.  It's a shame but many "upstanding" sellers are involved in this "crime".  Yes, sellers will do this to "remove" the competition.

The second problem is the actual "Ebay" aspect.  Supposedly, Ebay MANUALLY reviews each report before pulling the listing or handing out bans.  We all know this to be improbable and unrealistic.

If you have been a victim of false VERO rights claims, there's a lot you can do. Here's a quickie guide to aid this process. BE SURE TO KEEP SAVED RECORDS OF ALL COMMUNICATION. I highly suggest screenshots of every piece of evidence.

1. After your listing has been pulled, you need to dispute it with eBay. Write to them a request for the VERO rights owner information. By law, they MUST provide you with this. If they do not provide you with this information, you are looking at a different case.

2. After receiving information, you will want to contact the seller. I suggest NOT calling. You need physical evidence. Email them with details.

3. If you do not get a response from the VERO owner in a reasonable amount of time, you need to give this information to eBay.  It's highly likely that the VERO owner was false and made a claim against you to "wipeout" the competition.  

4. If you are found to be in the right, you now have a case.  And can follow up with getting your listing back up.

5. If your listing is not for "VERO rights", but instead for "copyright infringement/trademark violation" then it's FALSE and will require a different approach.  Go to my guide entitled  TRADEMARK VIOLATION AND COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT .

Bottom line...ALWAYS contest a VERO Suspension!  You worked hard to get that listing up...it's worth fighting for.

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