Fast rooting bromeliads...The need for speed!

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When you receive your bromeliad pup or pups from me, you may notice that some of the roots are actually growing through newspaper or have at least some bits of paper attached to the roots. No need to pick this off as you risk damaging the roots. Just pot up as is.

The paper will eventually disintegrate without any harm to your precious pup.

Recently I have experimented with wrapping the base of the pup in a little newspaper (or paper towel) and then planting into the chunky orchid mix. I've found time and time again that these take root much quicker because the newspaper stays damp enough without remaining soggy to help induce rooting. This is especially helpful in dry weather when the potting mix dries out fast, yet the newspaper seems to retain the moisture long enough to help with establishment of the pup.  I either wrap the base of the pup in a piece of newspaper no bigger than my hand or I put a small piece of crumpled newspaper on the surface of the mix, place the base of the pup firmly on the paper and then continue filling the pot with chunky orchid mix.

 I give this a good water after potting and the paper will hold moisture longer than the mix; providing an ideal environment for the pup to establish much much faster.

I have also had success with simply wrapping a page of newspaper around the base and placing the whole pup with paper into a plastic pot to fit and no soil added. It doesn't matter which page of the newspaper; the left or right doesn't matter....whichever side you read first is fine hehehehe!

 Kept moist, the newspaper will provide an ideal environment for fast establishment of roots. The paper breathes thus allowing good air and water movement as well as providing the ideal water vapour that invites roots to go searching.

Try it for yourself! It's fun to experiment!

PS: as a rough guide, when scrunching up the newspaper, make a piece no bigger than what would loosely fit in an egg cup. It only needs to be large enough to provide enough 'padding' for the base of the pup.

Happy Bromming!

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