Fathers Day & How to deal with it being a single Mother

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It is amazing that in this day and age of such diversified families that the kids are still made to make gifts and celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day  in kinders and schools. It really makes it hard for single parent families where one or the other or even in families where No parent resides...

Children feel excluded if they have to make a fathers day card for mum or pop or uncle blah blah... Its soooooooo wrong!

Why make it so apparent by having Mothers day and fathers day stalls at the school.

I heard a local school near here just regularly held a SPECIAL PERSONS day when any of these occasions were coming up.

This I found to be a lot more appealling then throwing kids minds into distress thinking about a void where their should be a parent!

Imagine the uproar if schools were to have a boys day or a girls day or an I've got a labrador day?

Just a bit of food for thought. I like writing guides to share knowledge and opinions. I hope you can vote for me for just expressing myself even if you dont find this to be helpful and even if you just disagree with it. Just so I can express my views with the eBay community.

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