Faulty Air Flow Meter Symptoms

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What are the symptons of a faulty MAF Sensor, AFM Air Flow Meter?

The Air Flow Meter will eventually needs to be replaced in all vehicles as a matter of routine maintenance however there are symptoms you should look for to diagnose a faulty sensor.  Replacement Air Flow Meters are available here.

The A ir Flow Meter, MAF Sensor or AFM plays an important role in measuring the air volume in the cars intake system. It provides this information to the ECU so the optimal  air to fuel mixture can be achieved for power and economy.  

A dirty or failing sensor can not only make your car undrivable but it greatly increase your vehicle running costs because it allows the vehicle to use more fuel than what it should.

Faulty MAF sensors need to be diagnosed and replaced promptly. 

The symptoms of a faulty AFM or Air Flow Meter can include hesitation in power delivery, stalling when idling, a gradual or sudden increase in fuel usage and in extreme cases a check engine light or fault code P0100, P0101, P0102, P0103, P0104.  The hesitation or stalling can be particularly dangerous when pulling out into traffic, at rail crossings etc.

Emission, Smog or MOT test failures can also be an indication of a failed AFM as the engine cannot correctly manage the air fuel ratio and this can result in unburnt fuel or excessive smoke exiting the exhaust.

As a correctly functioning MAF sensor is vital for for economy and safety its best to replace the faulty sensor when in doubt. 

Auto Sensors sell a large range  of MAF sensors to Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.  Click your vehicle brand for a link to sensors for your car  SubaruToyotaNissan, Mitsubishi,  Mazda, Honda, BMWHolden,  Ford, Suzuki, VW, Land Rover, Other
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