Faulty PS2 to mouse adapters

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Certain adapters for connecting a USB mouse to the PS2 port have been found faulty. They are internally miswired and will permanently damage the mouse when used. This article identifies the markings to look for, and shows how to test one.

The item in question looks like the picture above. A notable feature is the orientation of the part number box (see inset) which is crossways while many are oriented lengthways. This is a quick way to determine whether you need to inspect further.

The faulty item is marked:


When tested with a multimeter set to low ohms range (beep test) it will be found that the + and - connections are reversed, which rapidly destroys any device attached. I have not bought any Purple (keyboard) adapters but some of these might be faulty also if they came from the same manufacturer.

Correct pinouts can be referenced at the sites below, or use Google:


Melbourne, Australia

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