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When buying on ebay, always check the sellers feedback. Don't just look at the feedback scorecard or the stars. You need to go through and read some of the comments made. Some sellers do not leave feedback until the buyer leaves feedback. These sellers have a high score because the buyer will not leave a negative comment as they know that the seller will just leave them a negative in return. This is why reading feedback is so important. You will find that a lot of buyers leave negative comments in disguise of a positive rating. Feedback is one of the best things about buying on ebay rather then buying from a website shop. You get to see what the seller is like before purchasing from them.
But remember, feedback only works if you read the comments and if the seller leaves feedback first.
Some buyers leave false feedback to try and blackmail a seller. Also sometimes a buyer may also be a competitor in disguise.
Don't just let one feedback comment either convince you or not convince you to buy from a particular seller. You really need to dive further into their feedback comments. to see if a certain problem is just a one off, or it is a common problem.




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