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eBay Feedback for sellers, A customer of eBay(the Sellers) that pay their selling fee's.

Have been Robbed of their right to free trading on eBay.

Feedback is seen by many as a guide to indicate if the seller is honest genuine and legitimately doing the right thing by their customers(the buyers)(Note: The buyers are not eBay's customers).
With out sellers eBay would not have any customers.

Yet this is the feedback system as it stands.

Step one, with out first making contact with a seller a buyer can leave Negative neutral or positive feedback.

Step two, the seller can reply to that feedback.

Step three, the buyer can then leave a follow up to the reply of feedback.

there is no step four that is where it ends.

The seller can not leave Negative feedback for a buyer any more, only positive.

Note: the seller is the one paying the sellers fee and eBay allow buyers to reply to feedback in which a buyer may have already used defamatory comments in.

When asked of eBay customer support to remove the feedback, eBay customer support answer always remains the same.

"There are no grounds for removal of feedback as it is the buyers opinion".

Question how many of you think you would not end up in court if you stood out front of a large fast food, Retail chain or supermarket company bad mouthing their Reputation.

Will eBay take me to court for posting this?

Well there is nothing false about my statements above so on what grounds?


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