Feedback Guide

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Remember Feedbacks cannot be removed, retracted or reversed.

BUYERS, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the service or product supplied by a seller, try every possible means to reach a satisfactoy outcome before posting you feedback.Once it's posted it's there for good. If, as a buyer you have done everything correctly including  correct and prompt payment. DO NOT POST YOUR FEEDBACK BEFORE THE SELLER HAS POSTED HIS.Remember you can't take it back,all you can do is add an additional comment. If the seller sees your feedback of him and wants to, he can post a very negative feedback of you.The only thing that can happen then is that you both MUTUALLY AGREE to remove them.You may not want your fair feedback removed because you may want to alert other prospective buyers of this particular seller and his methods.However if you want the unfair feedback of you removed, you have no choice but to MUTUALLY AGREE.Even if you do this, only your rating is restored,the comments stay.

SELLERS. I personally found a statement such as this very usefull and reassureing.  PLEASE GIVE US THE OPPERTUNITY TO CORRECT ANY DISSATISFACTION YOU MAY HAVE WITH OUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE BEFORE POSTING YOUR FEEDBACK, AS OUR REPUTATION AND RATING IS IMPORTANT TO US.                                                                           




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