Feedback from Sellers

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Here appears to be another dictating tactic from Sellers. 

Alot, of sellers state in their sites, that they leave feedback on feedback, and some don't, but still don't leave feedback until the buyer has left feedback for them.  Yet, the only obligation that a buyer has is to pay for the item promptly.  Once, the buyer has paid for the item, then feedback from the seller should be given, with no if's, but's or maybe's.  Hence, once the item has been paid for that item then belongs to the buyer not the seller.  The seller then has the obligation to ensure that items are appropriately packaged, and marked with words such as "Fragile" etc for safe arrival to the new 'OWNER' of that item.  Have some of the sellers forgotten that they cannot leave negative feedback anyway, because there is no other obligation that the buyer has to take, except for prompt payment.  Maybe ebay needs to consider making a rule that buyers cannot leave feedback for a seller until the seller has left feedback for the buyer.  If, a seller wants buyers to consider saving them as favourite sellers, then this is one area that buyers can take into account when deciding on saving sellers as a favourite.  I know I do.

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