important is it?

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Like if this Guide is helpful important is it?


Feedback is the backbone of EBAY.   Without it, you cannot judge the integrity and honesty of a buyer or seller.


Therefore, the feedback you leave is vital....good or bad.


BUT....think seriously about what you are going to write.   You are wasting everyone's time if you just leave "good" as the comment.   What does that really tell anyone?   Be articulate.......praise where it is due. 


Be fair......don't leave an unfair would not believe how often that happens.  Many leave feedback when a purchase is not what was expected which is no fault of the seller......the old saying 'let the buyer beware' is very true on EBAY.  Do your research and be sure of what you are buying.  Negative feedback should only be left if the sale goes drastically wrong and the seller won't resolve the issue.

Communication is the your best before leaving negative feedback.


Neutral feedback is available too if you are in the middle....can't decide positive or negative.


When buying, don't be scared of a negative feedback or two the seller has.    Look at the overall feedback.......several hundred with a couple of negatives is not really anything to worry about.....that is why there is a feedback percentage available.   Use it as a guideline.


Summing it all up.....

  • make sure you leave feedback for EVERY transaction
  • be have 80 characters to use.....use them all!  :)
  • don't leave a negative or neutral comment without taking every step available to resolve the issue.
  • respond to feedback if you feel you gives a future buyer/seller an insight to you and how you operate.
  • be fair with the feedback you leave.

Here are some links you may find useful when needing to leave feedback:

Feedback Forum

Reply To Feedback Received

Follow Up To Feedback Left

Resolving Feedback Disputes

Feedback FAQ's


So, in answer to my initial question......





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