Feedback replies and lies.

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Feedback replies and lies.

An experience with a seller leaving a false reply to feedback or How to beat unethical lying sellers at their own game.

After dealing with a seller who sent me the wrong items, I attempted to contact that seller and respolve the issue politely.  After several days I still had no reponse from the seller.  The seller was from another country and time was running out for me to resolve the issue.  I attempted to obtain a partial refund through PayPal Buyer Protection and the case was found in my favour, however I would not get a refund until I had posted the items back to the seller and I produced proof in some form of tracking.  That was going to cost me significantly and would result in very little satisfaction.  Therefore I left negative feedback for a seller for the second time in years (the first being a clear fraud).

At a later stage I decided to check over my feedback and saw they had replied.  The reply was completely false.  It seems most people are unaware that a buyer can reply to feedback replies left by a seller.  That is what I did.  Afterwards I decided to check on what other feedback they had received and replied to in similiar circumstances.  I was concerned to see I was not the first and their appeared to be a pattern of unethical behaviour by the seller.  As a result I contacted recent buyers who had left negative feedback which had been replied to with possible false information and let them know about their ability to reply to the sellers feedback reply.  I was correct in my assumptions and discovered I was not the only one.

I hope others learn from this experience and check replies to their feedback.  To reply in turn, simply go to the Feedback Forum link and follow the prompts from there.
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