Feeding Your Baby: Breast? Formula? Or Both?

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Maybe you have already decided on which way to go. But if you still get mixed feelings about the whole thing. You hear that breast is best, but you're concerned about how to manage breastfeeding with work, lifestyle, or whatever reason you have. If your friend tells you how painful her experience with breastfeeding was, and that gets you more confused. Please don't be. You just need to know all the facts about both ways, and most importantly know Your feelings, which you will when the time comes.

The purpose of this guide is to give you the facts surrounding both processes. The feelings part, you'll have to do on your own!

Why should you consider breastfeeding? There's a whole bunch of reasons why;
1. Breastfeeding is safe
Your body will produce perfectly safe food for your baby, you don't have to worry about it being spoiled or contaminated (assuming that you're not ill) 86
2. It is tailored to your baby's needs
Breast milk contains ingredients that are not found in cows milk. And its composition also changes constantly even throughout the day to meet your baby's needs.
3. No allergies
Almost all babies have no allergic reactions to breast milk
4. It's easier on your baby's tummy
Breast milk is far more easily digested that formula
5. Builds your child immunity
The baby gets his immunity from yours, antibodies and all, through breast milk.
6. No diaper rash
Baby's bowel movement are less likely to cause diaper rash than movements from formula fed babies
7. It's cheap
Basically no cost at all
8. Gives more satisfaction to your baby
In terms of suckling satisfaction, which babies need to sooth themselves.
9. Strengthens their mouth and jaw muscles
Even the most advanced teats won't imitate the perfect match of your baby's mouth on your breast, which gives him the perfect workout for his mouth and jaw muscles.
10. It's good for the baby's brain
Some researchers found that breastfeeding increases the baby's IQ
11. More convenient
Breast milk is always there, ready to serve, and at the perfect temperature. You save yourself all the hassle of washing and preparing bottles, and going to the shops to get formula. It's also more convenient for night feedings as you can just stay in bed and feed your baby.
12. Helps you get back in shape
Breastfeeding is known to help mothers flatten their stomaches after giving birth because it stimulates the uterus muscles and helps it shrink back to its original size more quickly.
13. Strong bond between you and baby
This might be the most favorite part of breastfeeding for mothers, the bond they feel being created with their babies through the process.

Formula Feeding
There are very compelling reasons that favor formula over breast;
1. Formula milk gives longer satisfaction for baby
You'll find that your baby will need less frequent feedings, or may even sleep for longer periods of time and that's because formula milk usually is fattier and higher in calories than breast milk.
2. Freedom
Formula feeding doesn't tie the mother to baby day and night. It gives the mother some space and freedom to be able to go out, and any other family member or baby sitter can give the bottle to baby. However, remember that breast milk can also be pumped and stored for later use.
3. Fancy sleeping through the night?
To a lot of mothers, sleeping through the night is something more of a dream. From time to time, you can ask your partner to give baby his night feeding. Voila!
4. You get to know milk intake
Because obviously bottles are calibrated but breasts aren't!!
5. Other family members get to participate
Wether father, an older sister or brother, grandparents, anyone can take part of the feeding process which gives a sense of cooperation and involvement.
6. No leaking breasts
Some breastfeeding mothers really suffer for leaking breasts especially if there's supply but no demand.
7. You can wear whatever you want
No need to stick to the few items in your wardrobe that work with breastfeeding.
8. No restrictions on what you can and cannot eat
You can eat all the spicy food and cabbage you want. You can drink, take medications, and not have to be on a high protein and calcium diet.
9. Less embarrassment
A lot of breastfeeding mothers get uncomfortable breastfeeding in public.
10. Potentially, more lovemaking
Breastfeeding causes hormonal changes that can cause dryness in the vagina, let alone the leaking breasts and sore nipples. If you decide to formula feed you can forget all about that and pick up from where you and your partner left and enjoy love making again.

Remember that you can always combine breastfeeding and formula feeding and get the best of both worlds. But whatever you decide don't forget to let your feelings guide you.

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