Feng Shui & CRYSTALS Made Easy

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Feng Shui & Crystals Made Easy

I always thought that I would never get the time to get involved with the complicated calculations and all the  Mumbo Jumbo , as I was really involved with western astrology and western knowledge, however one thing led to another , my astrology lead me to numerology and the Tarot which eventually led to crystals. I became heavily involved in crystal healing only to find crystals are widely used in Feng Shui as well . So all the crystals I had on hand also had potential to be used in Feng Shui , I had to go one step further and experiment .
This clearly shows me how all things lead to another and how all things are connected in some way .
I was ignorant and didn't want to take the time , but a few successful experiments had me hooked .
My work became complicated , but really opened new doors and became interesting and fun quite fun.

Experimenting with crystals can be lots of fun , especially where Feng Shui is involved , most crystals used for Feng Shui do not need any preparation or rituals , they just need to be placed in a certain area to enhance and attract chi , some are simply placed to cure certain problems - IT CAN BE THAT EASY !
When you obtain a crystal just accept it with an open mind and simply ask it to do it's job , try to find a place in your heart to accept it with love .
Be patient about the whole thing , as the effects may not be instant ! Some crystals may work immediately and others may take months. Yes there are crystals that do not work at all , unfortunately this can happen . Don't let that put you off just move on keep an open mind and replace it or research another .
I have found when I put my heart and soul in to working with a crystal I have come up with some magnificent results , some appear to work like magic .
Try to buy off a reputable seller who seems genuine , most people that deal with crystals are quite spiritual and genuine and know what they are talking about as I am sure most would agree that it is not in our interest to do wrong to others , as Karma can bounce back .
Ask your seller is the crystal new , ask your seller if they have worked with the crystal themselves and what was their success rate .
If you see a crystal and feel attracted it to it and don't know why , it is highly likely it wants to work with you , trust your feeling and your instincts on this one .
Look ! most believe that crystals should be soaked or cleansed in salt water , this is probably true however I want to warn you that I have ruined many crystals over time doing this , be careful !
My new crystals are welcomed with a night out in the full moon , a little prayer and incense ritual.
I see no sense in soaking them in salt crystals do not come from the sea and most have lived in darkness underground , some for thousands  and thousands of years - you must agree with me  on this comment surely ?

Try it you never know it could change your life , stay open minded and have faith .
As an easy guide to start off :
Try to collect the following and see what happens !
Place a yellow crystal tiger in the west
Place a rose Quartz item in your South West Area
Place a crystal Turtle in a North Area
Place a crystal Dragon on wood in the East Area
Calcite ( yellow ) is going to be a very powerful crystal to use during out Feng Shui period 8 which ends in 2023
You don't need complicated calculations if you don't want to go there , but if it does make a difference the chances are you will become addicted and will want to try more .
Buying Crystals regarding your birth stone
There  are so many different methods and ideas out there ,
I believe one should invest in the exact crystal to match their date of birth not just their zodiac sign .
I was a great believer in the power of Jade ( I still am ) , but through sacred text eventually the information came to me that it was not suited for my particular birth date - this explains my success with Jade with clients and not myself ! I still sell Jade and I know it is quite a powerful crystal - but it does not belong to me .
Crystals are not very expensive in general and they are always a beautiful addition to any home , every body loves them and just about every one owns one in some sort of shape or form , and engagement ring is a perfect example !

* look at reputable sellers
* buy it if it attracts you
* keep an open mind
* Feng Shui is easy
* start small and your collection will grow
* try to obtain new or unused crystals
* you don't need to pay a lot of money
* you don't need to have knowledge , an open mind and a little faith is all that is needed
Used for Feng Shui South West Love
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