Feng Shui Decorating Ideas

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Feng Shui Decorating Ideas

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art with a focus on optimising the flow of energy in a living or work space. A Feng Shui practitioner will use their client's birth chart as well as a chart called a bagua to create a customised Feng Shui plan. While the art form itself can become complicated, there are some home decorating basics that anyone can use to improve the energy of their home or work space. The following decorating ideas are based upon key Feng Shui principles.


Clear the Clutter

One of the cardinal rules in Feng Shui is that the presence of clutter in the space be minimised. Clutter can take the form of items strewn about floors and counter tops, unfiled paperwork, and cluttered design elements. Start by filing, organising, and putting away anything extraneous. Next, examine existing decor; are pictures hung on walls in a haphazard, collage-like way, or is there an interplay of design elements and wall space that is pleasing to the eye? Make adjustments accordingly.


Symmetry and Balance

After clearing the clutter, find the balance in a room. For example, bedroom Feng Shui is enhanced by having matching elements, such as two identical night stands on either side of the bed with two matching lamps. However, balance can be achieved in more indirect ways as well; for example, choose one "focal point" design element for the living room (such as an antique couch, ornate bureau, or contemporary coffee table), and then bring in other choice design elements to accent and balance it in a "supporting" role.


Decorating for Good Health

Feng Shui places a premium on design elements that support physical and emotional well-being, and one of the most direct ways is to include plants in the decor. Plants in both work and living spaces are excellent for health, in particular the eastern portion of the home. An indoor living wall or a garden adjacent to the eastern wall is also ideal. Some of the top plants for Feng Shui include bamboo, peace lily, Chinese evergreen, and jade. For good health with Feng Shui, keep plants out of the bedroom (remove TVs, computers, and large mirrors from bedroom spaces as well).


Optimal Relationships

Good energy in the home helps to pave the way to harmony in the lives of those who live there. The southwest corner of the home is generally associated with relationships in Feng Shui, so make sure it is not cluttered and has a good flow of energy in the decor. Consider placing a design element or hanging a picture that represents love and harmony in relationships, such as a favourite family portrait or a sculpture that symbolises ideal, happy relationships.


The Wealth Corner

The wealth corner in Feng Shui is of keen interest to people looking to improve the energy in their homes and lives. The wealth corner is located in the southwest and should be adorned with items and figurines that connote drawing in wealth and abundance. A popular item is a painting, sculpture, or crafted item of a ship or vessel filled with treasures headed into the home. However, it is not necessary to be that literal; the wealth corner can also be activated by placing a cherished red item there. Red is a very energising colour and can help increase wealth and energy. For those who are unemployed and looking for a new job, the northern part of the home should be energised as well.


Bringing it All Together

Kitchen Feng Shui benefits from being painted a warm, organic colour such as yellow. A bowl of fresh fruits or vegetables on an uncluttered counter or table can also be auspicious. Incorporating organic design elements into bathroom decor neutralises the energy so it does not impede the rest of the home; seashells, crystals and artfully-formed driftwood can be helpful to bathroom chi.

Lastly, make sure the front yard of the home does not have any landscaping or design elements blocking the flow of chi through the front door. Remove bulky items from the foyer and hallways so that good energy is free to flow throughout the home and positively energise each room.

Feng Shui is an ancient art that is getting a lot of contemporary attention. Anyone can use the basics of Feng Shui to help improve the energy flow in their home and attract more health, wealth, and relationship harmony.

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