Filtering Feedback for Negatives.

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It is possible to view an eBay members negative or neutral feedback through the main eBay site. This is particularly useful with some high-volume sellers. They may have a feedback score of 10,000+, but if they have received a few hundred negs, then it could take some time to find these comments to identify if the seller has a problem in a certain area.

On this subject, a couple of negs are not always a bad thing. A well worded, factual response to a feedback can change the whole perspective of the original comment.

First of all select the feedback page of the member you wish to check, and look at the rightt hand side of the banner 


There is a drop down box where you can select to filter up to a maximum of 12 months. Make your selection, and click Go

Once this has filtered the period, a selection of feedback options appear at the top. Simply click on one of these options to further filter the comments.

There are plenty off off-ebay sites that can also perform this search, but this way you can stay on the main site without having to open new windows or sessions.

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