Find a Trustworthy Seller When Making Major Purchases

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"How Do I Know If I am Buying From An eBay Seller I Can Trust.....?"

Have you ever found yourself asking this question, when making a major purchase on eBay? I know I have.....


So you've decided to buy yourself a Brand New item from eBay..... 

Whether it be a new lap top, new handbag or new sewing machine, you've done the research, you know the model number, and you've worked out a budget....

Then you found more than one eBay sellers with the item you want to buy. 

Now, which seller should you buy from?

Here are some points you might want to consider: 

1. Read the listing carefully. Do they sound like experts in their particular field, or does the listing just look like a generic product description copied from the packaging?

2. Check the seller's feedbacks. Feedback provides a wealth of information on who you are dealing with. A reputable eBay Seller will have more than 100 positive feedbacks as a seller (not just feedback as a buyer), and there will be lots of recent sales activities. Have other buyers had a good experience shopping with them? How recent?

3. Look closely at their sold items. To see how long they have been selling the items you want to buy - this will show you whether the seller is a specialist where you know you will get expert advice and services. If they have been selling a variety of used personal items, with little or no sales history of the item you want to buy, can you trust them?

4. Look for their "About Me" page. Does the seller provide information about themselves? If not, why not? If they do, do they come across as genuine? 

5. Purchase from a Powerseller. Powersellers have to maintain excellent standards of service to earn this status on eBay. It's a good idea to shop with them.

6. Ask questions - test their technical knowledge. A trustworthy eBay Seller will also be a great communicator, and will take pride in providing the most accurate and comprehensive information to you. Do they answer your technical questions in a professional manner? Are they happy to share their expertise with you?

7. Check for a Warranty. Is the seller prepared to stand behind what they are selling? This is especially important for mechanical or electronic items. For example, as a seller myself I provide a 2 year back to base warranty for the Janome 19110 sewing machine that I sell, and have a general policy that if I can't guarantee it then I'm not prepared to sell it.

8. You get what you pay for. Price isn't everything - would you risk spending good money with someone you feel unsure about, just to save a few bucks?  Compare the information available, make up you own mind.... and trust your gut feeling.


Best of luck with your next purchases.... I hope you love shopping on eBay as much as I do!


I hope you find this guide helpful. If you do, please vote YES so I know that I am on the right track :-)

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can clarify for you, or answer any burning questions you may have with sewing, patchwork and quilting..... I am always here if you need help, and happy to chat if you have stories to share!

And here's my "About Me":


Thank you for reading, and Happy Shopping!






P.S. Worried About Warranty? You can read all about it on my other guide.

BONUS Tip: Use your best judgement and read carefully their Feedback / Five Star Scores, their "About Me" page, and look at what items they have recently sold to ascertain whether they are reliable sellers of their products.


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