Find exactly what you're searching for using KEYWORDS

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To find exactly what you want to buy using the search facility, always use brackets. If you are looking for beaded bracelets that are not gold then you should type this:

(beaded, beads, bead, ceramic beads) bracelet -gold

It is also important to use alternative spellings (ie: incorrect ones!) as many sellers do not spell the item correctly and you can get a bargain that way!
For example, if looking for a small, striped shirt, here are some ways of phrasing your search:

(striped, STRIPPED, stripey, STRIPY, stripes) shirt -large -medium

(small, 6, 8, 10, sml, striped, STRIPPED, stripey, STRIPY, stripes) shirt

The second example would show you lots of results that you can then quickly flick through. This is why it is so beneficial for sellers to use the "GALLERY" feature (that is, showing a picture next to the item for sale) when listing items.
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