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I recently purchased a digital camera off ebay. i was after a sony W30 camera because i went to the shops and decided i liked it but didnt want to pay the retail price. so heres the steps i went about in finding my camera.


1. After deciding on the camera i want (by looking in the shops) i started browsing Ebay australia. i would seriously recommend looking in the shops at what your purchasing rather then buying blindly.

2. I determined i could get the camera for about $50 cheaper if i purchased it through the australian ebay site (a cost of $350) and this was for just the camera.

3. I then decided to have a look on the international ebay site to see if i could get it from america cheaper. turned out thqat i could get the camer and a accessory package for the $280 AUD. this was great. the acessory pack included about bit over $100 value.

4. after finding the item i wanted, i then had to look at the postage. some people charge increased postage costs to cover there low auction price. also people are in the habit of making insurance required. and there insurance charge is over $20AUD. so those are key things to look out for.

5. the next thing to look at is the person your buying off. i personally would never buy an item over $50 off someone that has a low feedback rating or has had negative feedback. i try to buy off people that have a feedback score of over 1000. this pretty much ensures you dont get ripped off

6. for expensive items, i prefer to pay through paypal because it offers insurance if the item isnt delivered

7. when bidding on stuff, i try to wait until the last 5 seconds of the auction so i can beat everyone and avoid rising prices.


good luck and i hope this helps

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