Finding books & manuals on vintage farm machinery

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There are many websites that cater  for information on vintage and even veteran farm machinery, but not many that can easily be found that relate solely to the Australian rural scene.
barrios booksales for a long time advertised and sold manuals & books ;that in the main covered the Australian scene on Ebay.
But the costs and the fact that barrios booksales store was hard to find;caused me to not only close the store but also limit the amount of manuals I placed for sale on Ebay.
This was a pity all round.
So whereas barrios booksales have somewhere around 200 manuals and books that cover farm and rural machinery,[period 1850-1985] they can only be found on sites such as my own... try googling tractor-manuals-downunder, or the other Australian auction site?
Amongst the manuals and books I have there are over 85 tractor manuals, these tractors were and are a part of the Australian scene.
And there are well over 120 other books & manuals related to trucks, stationery engines, windmills and other rural themes of a bygone era.
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