Finding great dance / musical movies on eBay Australia

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Movies with a healthy dose of dance, gymnastics, cheerleading or just plain big musical numbers can be a lot of fun – sometimes inspirational, sometimes corny, sometimes just a fantastic laugh.  Here’s a list of those that I recommend for checking out and adding to your DVD collection if you enjoy them as much as I do.

Dance Movies
  • A Chorus Line  : a personal favourite ever since I was a kid.  Features Michael Douglas (not dancing or singing, thankfully!) as the director of auditions for, you guessed it, a Broadway chorus line.  A great cast of young singers and dancers and full of well-choreographed dance scenes and musical numbers.
  • Dirty Dancing  : well, it’s a classic now!  Great music, great dancing and some fabulous one-liners!
  • Shall We Dance? : Richard Gere and J-Lo?  Ambitious, but it’s better than it sounds…some really cute scenes in this one, and some funny dance numbers too with the somewhat uncoordinated threesome of single guys learning ballroom.
  • Flashdance : Quite an ‘80s style, but it’s still got it.  The story of a young woman struggling to make ends meet, who dreams of becoming a professional dancer.
  • Centre Stage  one of the more recent offerings.  The plot has its moments, but there are some great dance scenes focusing on a group of student ballet dancers.
  • Save the last dance : a “romantic dance movie” with tough times, troubled teenagers and the clash of ballet vs hip-hop.
  • Strictly Ballroom : the fantastic Australian classic with some priceless moments of “Aussie-isms”, a poignant storyline and some brilliant ballroom.
  • Fame : Another group of wannabees struggling to make it and get famous in a tough industry
  • Honey : Jessica Alba stars as Honey, focused on the art of choreography and what it takes to make it in the tough world of music videos
  • Step Up : The boy from the rough side of town meets the posh dancer and then come the fireworks!  This has turned into a series of movies, and my personal favourite is the 4th - Step Up Revolution.  Think flash mobs meet dance groups meet activist groups!
  • Take the lead : based on the inspirational true story of a teacher who volunteers to teach a rag-tag bunch of high school kids the art of ballroom dancing…and learns a thing or two himself in the process.  And Antonio Banderas?  Very nice...

Pseudo-dance movies
  • Stick it : A gymnastics take on “Bring it On”, showing the comeback of a former gym star who went off the rails and is forced to return to the team she left
  • Bring it on : a fun and frivolous movie about the rivalry between cheerleading teams, with some fantastic (and hilarious) cheerleading routines – don’t try these at home!

  • Sister Act I and II : Whoopi Goldberg is perfect as the casino singer who is forced to hide in a convent and ends up leading the convent choir (and, in #2, a high school class of unmotivated kids) to new levels of performance.
  • Moulin Rouge : Another Baz Luhrmann classic, a musical with a difference
  • Camp : Just too much fun!  Ridiculously over the top but with some amazing performers by young actors and singers, this one will make you laugh out loud – as long as you’re in the right mood…
  • Music & Lyrics : Hugh Grant and his hips doing a bunch of ‘80s numbers – need I say more?
  • Rent : A movie version of the classic Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning rock opera.
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