First Aid Kits

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Many of you have by now realised that there are people selling kits from all over the world on eBay Australia.  Is this a good thing considering our stringent controls relating to selling of medical devices which a first aid kit falls under.
The Australian Government set about controling the importation and distribution of Medical devices back in the 80's slowly these rules have been tightened so that no item that has a medical use can be sold without there being an Australian representative who can be held accountable if an item is found to be faulty, this person is called the sponsor.
The Sponsor should be able to account for every item of medical equipment that they have sold, where it was sold and to whom.  This is in case of an item requiring a recall because it doesn't meet required standards.  Just about every company sooner or later has to recall a product, but for the most part these are minor concerns relating to a single batch.
First aid equipment are considered under the TGA to be a Procedure Pack, similar to that which a surgeon unwraps before beginning an operation.  Could you imagine a surgeon using sub standard equipment that has been exported to Australia as the surgeons in America or England wouldnt use them?  the out cry would be ridiculous.  Yet people buy first aid kits that have expired in those same countries, thinking they are getting a bargain, most people dont even look at the expiration of local products, thinking that a kit is a kit and so therefore is better than nothing.  In some cases the total opposite is true as items passed their expiration may in fact be breeding biological hazards that you may introduce to a wound.
So what should you look for in a first aid kit?  recently I saw a 1000 piece kit being sold on eBay for an absolute bargain, it had 875 bandaids, 50 assorted swabs and a few other useless items before getting to the guts of the kit which consisted of about 25 useful items.
a kit should be based upon As 2675-1983

 On ebay their are a few Australian Sellers who are ATG certified and meet these requirements, but check expiration dates first.

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