First Day Covers & Pre-Stamped Envelopes on EBay

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It's Important to understand the difference between ' First Day Covers' and ' First Day Issue Pre Stamped Envelopes' when buying and selling on EBay as you may end up in a dispute, having items returned for refund or not get what you thought you won - Similarly, be careful listing 'Commemorative Covers'.

One of my greatest frustrations is winning a selection of FDC only to find them riddled with Pre-Stamped Envelopes (PSE)- albeit PSE with First Day Issue (FDI) cancellations.

Are PSE with FDI cancellations FDC?


FDC are covers with the ACTUAL STAMP STUCK onto it and cancelled on the first day of issue of that stamp. To see if this was right, I did some Googling and spoke to some dealers - the consistent answer was:

First Day Issue Pre-Stamped Envelopes ARE NOT the same as First Day Covers and should not be sold as such.

What's the problem?

There are two in fact:

Firstly, I (and others) do not collect PSE - only FDC and when we bid & win something listed as FDC, that's what we expect to get.

Secondly, value - PSE are worth less than FDC. Personally, I consider PSE FDI to be worth less than half that of a comaparable FDC.  

I don't have a problem with FDI PSE being listed under the 'First Day Cover' category on EBay - After all, many collectors happily buy both - however I do ask for accuracy in the description to clearly indicate if Pre-Stamped Envelopes are being sold - this allows the buyer to make an informed choice and saves the seller having to accept the return of incorrectly advertised goods, having disputes filed and/or getting negative feedback.

As a final note, please be aware the Commemorative Covers should also not be listed / advertised as FDC - Commemorative Covers, whilst often bearing an actual stamp are missing the all-important 'First day of Issue' cancellation. - Again this is simply a matter of being accurate and clear in your descriptions.

Cheers & Happy EBaying!

Canberra, Australia
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