First Time?

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First Time Buyers

Be careful out there.

This Guide is aimed at first time buyers; so not all of us have to learn the hard way! In this guide i'll outline my experiences than leave you with some advice.
Earlier this year I began earning enough money, this allowing me to spend more. I found out about ebay and started looking for items to buy online.
When I had found a 4gb ipod nano for only $250 I was amazed. Immediantly I purchased the item, oblivious to me was that someone had hacked the account of the seller I was about to buy from. The seller seemed to be legitimate and payment went through using a Bank to Bank wire transfer. Only to get a message from ebay the next day to inform me the item had been removed and I should not continue with purchase...   
My advice is firstly, check the sellers reputation and comments, secondly, dont buy from anyone if its their 'first sale', thirdly, if the product seems 'to good to be true' it probably is, fourthly, wait at least a day until you pay; it may mean you dont get the item as fast but at least you wont end up with nothing, and lastly, check that your seller allows payment with paypal (NEVER: finish the transaction through email or a third party web site) and an added bonus check that the seller has paypal coverage, it makes the reimbursment process that little bit easier.

I still believe Ebay is the best way for buying any product you want or need. It is safe if you know what your doing, I hope this has been of some help. If you do happen to find yourself on the end scam ebay was extremely helpful to me in terms of their "buyer complain policy".
Enjoy your experience with ebay.

Take Care,

Regards Caleb

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