Fishing Kayak

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There is no doubt Kayak fishing has taken off, whether it is salt or freshwater.  The reality of not worrying about trailers and outboard motors combined with a more free spirited form of fishing has won over many anglers.

Lets see how you can set up a fishing kayak to ensure a great day out on the water.


Here are some of the essentials.

Rod Holders.  They make life easier for rod storage and get them out of the way on the boat. Rod holders also make trolling easier leaving hands free for paddling.  Myfishing kayak is fitted with 2 rod holders.  Just be careful to watch for rods sticking up in the air that could hit low branches or bridges.

Tackle storage containers

Tackle storage is a big plus in a fishing kayak or fishing canoe. The best option is sealable containers. Keep it simple. Stick to the bare necessities to keep the weight down and make paddling easier. Also ideal for carrying spare clothes, phones , cameras or a wallet.

Some fishing kayaks like the aquamarina model come with a trolling motor , making them a dual purpose fishing machine.  The 2 kg Trolling motor is perfect for narrow waterways, one of the natural domains of a fishing kayak or canoe.

The manufacturers of the XPLR fishing kayak say this kayak is ideal for rivers, lakes and estuaries and I cant see any of that being a problem.

The main advantage of an inflatable Fishing Kayak is the convenience of deflating the item when you have finished a great day out fishing and placing the item into a carry bag to store away easily.

Being inflatable it is easy to assume the quality may not be as good .  However, the XPLR is made From A Durable double-coated PVC-coated nylon w/tarpaulin fabric and  2 layers of material.
Other advantages of an inflatable include the cost.  It is  Far Cheaper Than A Tinny to operate. Far More Portable And Lighter Than A Plastic Kayak and far Less Storage Space Required At Home.
 No Need To Buy Expensive Roof Racks and you wont break your back Carrying 30kg Plastic Kayaks to the Waters Edge.  Simply walk down with a carry bag and inflate at the waters edge, ready for a great day out fishing.


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