Fishing - Which Lure to use?? when and why.

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How to choose the right lure !

1- Choose a lure that is a simliar colour to the water, and similar to your target fish.

2- Size does matter ! Choose lures simliar in size to the existing bait in the area.

Education section.

You will have more success using lures the same colour as the water, because this will be the colour of the existing bait in the area, trying to blend in to the enviroment, to hide from the predators, also predators will generally take baits and lures the same colour as themselves.

So for Surf, use a green backed lure with red gills (distressed look of natural bait)

For Deep open ocean (Green) use green backed lures

For Blue bay colour water use blue backed lures

For Muddy estuary openings use a brown backed lure

For fishing over wed beds use lighter green backed lures or slightly translucent green.


I catch 80% of fish on lures, and 20% on live bait.

Dead bait laying on the bottom, is attractive to younger fish (smaller) in general.

Big fish are bigger because they've survived well, they are also harder to catch on a bait or lure that looks wrong.
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