Fitting a Clutch & Flywheel onto 1/8 nitro engine .21

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Here is an article that has been requested a few times, how to fit a flywheel & clutch without a flywheel or clutch tool.

First of all make sure your flywheel collet is on the engine, it is usually brass or black:

Slide flywheel onto collet

Now you need to place the flywheel nut on to hold the flywheel tight against the collet, this needs to be done up fairly tight so its a good idea to use a vice or vice grips to get a good hold of the flywheel, use a rag to protect the flywheel.

You can use either a socket or some glow plug wrenches will do the trick

Next its time to fit the 3 shoe clutch, alot of articles I found on the net seem to only use clutch tools, I have always done mine without a clutch tool so its not too hard, first of all here is your clutch & spring:

Fit the spring inside the clutch shoe

Now slide the shoe & spring over one of the flywheel pins - note the direction in which the shoe points, this will be clarified further down if your not sure.

You will notice that the spring sits on top of the nut at this stage, you need to stretch the end of the spring past this and down into the groove of the nut. A small flatblade screwdriver does the job

Now fit the 2nd shoe behind this one as it will be as easy because you have easy access to the end of the spring still. The tricky part is getting the last shoe on, your first shoe is in the way for the spring end to slide down the nut, so the easy solution is get a small piece of paper, fold it a few times, now pry open the first clutch shoe, slot the paper behind it and this will hold it open as seen here

Now you can get your 3rd shoe on with no interference. Now that they are on you should see the picture below, note the direction in which the engine rotates and the direction that the clutch shoes must face:

Fit your clutch bell bearings into your clutch bell

Here are the shims, screw & washer

Start by putting 2 shims over the engine shaft

Then fit your clutch bell and bearings

Note that the amount that the clutch shaft protrudes past the bearing, this is how much play you will have in your clutch bell, in the above picture its pretty much spot on with 2 because you want a small amount of play. If there is a large amount of this sticking out then sometimes you might need a washer under the shims to take up the slack. If the engine shaft sits below the bearing then you need to remove a shim. The best way to check if its too low is to do up your screw and spin the bell, if it spins freely then its fine, if its locked tight then you need to remove a shim. I hope this helps everyone out.

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