Five Bathroom Tile Ideas for Your Home

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Tiles are the perfect wall and floor coverings for a bathroom; they are water-resistant, easy to clean, and can be used to create elegant designs that make a bathroom appear stylish. These five bathroom tile ideas can help you create a style that fits into the overall aesthetic of your home.

Borders Border tiles are fantastic for adding decorative features to an otherwise boring bathroom. The traditional way to use border tiles is to include a horizontal strip of them around the centre of the bathroom, separating the lower half of the wall from the upper half. These two halves can either be covered with different types of tiles, or the upper half can be painted while the lower half is tiled. You can also offset the tiles on the upper section of the wall by 45 degrees to create a diagonal pattern, or place border tiles in a horizontal strip around the whole bathroom. They can also be placed in a square pattern around particular features, such as the shower fittings or around the mirror. Both flat and raised border tiles are available for sale in hardware stores or on sites like eBay.


Mosaics Mosaic tiles are very small tiles that are used together to create intricate patterns. Use mosaic tiles in similar colours such as blue and green to create a visually appealing speckled effect on a bathroom wall or floor. Bear in mind that the small size of mosaic tiles increases the amount of work involved in laying them, as well as making them more difficult to keep clean. Many homeowners like to use mosaic tiles in just a small area of their bathroom as a decorative feature, while using larger tiles in other parts of the room.

Marble-Like Tiles

Marble-Like Tiles Marble is a truly luxurious material, but its cost prevents many people from using it in their bathrooms. Marble can also be slippy when wet, and needs sealing when used in a damp environment such as the bathroom. Without proper sealing, marble is vulnerable to water damage, which can spoil its beautiful appearance. Marble-like ceramic tile has none of these disadvantages, but it offers the beautiful visual effect of genuine marble. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain, and come with a much lower price tag than the real thing.

Slate-Style Tiles

Slate-Style Tiles Slate is a very popular building material, but it has some notable disadvantages. Slate floors are vulnerable to staining, making them a risky choice for a bathroom. Slate tiles can also be slightly bumpy and less comfortable to walk on than other materials. However, slate-style porcelain tiles are smooth and non-porous, while retaining the appealing beauty of natural slate.

Octagonal Tiles

Octagonal Tiles Most tiles are square or rectangular, but there is no rule that says these are the only tiles that can be used in a bathroom. One can create a beautiful pattern on a bathroom wall or floor by combining large octagonal tiles with small diamond-shaped tiles in a slightly different colour.


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