Five Essential Things you must do to be a Power Seller

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I am an expert on Power Selling on ebay ... I have arrived at this point through a very difficult experience with a leading Seller of laptops in Sydney. 

The way this company operated was a textbook for how NOT to conduct business on ebay! 

I decided that if I could reverse everything they did, I could transform their approach into a winning formulae which sets the standard for responsible Selling.... and at the same time inspire more sellers to operate with integrity, commitment and honesty on ebay ... (god knows we need more sellers like that! )

So here is a Code of Responsible Conduct which arose from my experience with this seller. Follow these principles to the letter and you will thrive as a great seller - as you deserve too!

1. How you sell on ebay is how you do anything: you must ACT HONESTLY. This is the bedrock principle of being a human being on the planet - why should ebay be any different? No matter if you stand to lose financially, adherence to this one principle is the most important thing of all. Speak the truth and the the truth will set you free. 

When you tell the truth, people empathise with you. If you have problems with the shipment, speaking the truth will get people onside. The moment you abandon your commitment to truth...buyers will sense the depth of your character from your posts and will sidestep you... it is a subtle and magical karma.

2. DO WHAT YOU SAY!  Just like in life, people who do what they say they tend to thrive and do well. It means if you promise to ship within 3 days... guess what? You ship in 3 days! It is such a simple principle to work with - and so powerful. And what is amazing is that your buyers will adore you - because "follow through" is essential to running a business.

3. NURTURE YOUR CUSTOMERS. Its a simple formulae - they have nurtured you by sending you cash on time . Now you need to reciprocate. Customers are people who want to be nurtured. Not ignored. Not disrespected. Not avoided. Not stolen from. Not abused. Not lied too. Bare this in mind - any issue which comes up within the transaction will be solved by more nurturance, by more care, and by more relationship.    

4. COMMUNICATE - Even when there is nothing to add to the situation - just the act of initiating a communication with the buyer speaks reams of your intent to resolve the problem. It also assuages their feeling that you are ripping them off. So, say your shipment has been lost in the post - you promise the buyer you will trace the package and get back to them on the phone. Guess what you have to do? - get back to them the next day! Even if you have no further information - keep communicating with them until the problem is resolved. In the long run, it will develop trust and you will find it less work looking after a buyer who trusts you.

5. REFUND AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY! This is most important - every delay in refunding your disgruntled customer creates more anger, and more resolve in them to complain about you...effectively create more negativity and more work. The negative situation dominates your bandwidth - it keeps you from being productive. Cut your losses - it reinstates trust in people and thus allows for the chance for another possibility of transaction - and it ultimately reduces your work load.

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